12 Excellent Use Cases of Augmented Reality Glasses for Business

Augmented reality glasses are the future of business. Improve operations and customer service with these 12 excellent use cases.

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In today’s digital world, it’s harder for brands to stand out from the crowd. Practicality and efficiency are essential for success as well as relevance, but what can a company do differently?

Simple: they can make their life easier and their customers’ lives better — using augmented reality glasses! With AR technology incorporated into eyeglasses, companies will be able to tackle business problems more easily and successfully than ever before. And this is just the beginning.

Augmented Reality glasses provide a brilliant way to increase the value of any business by providing instant data. No more waiting, no more confusion, just instant insight into anything you need it for. How convenient is that?

We’ve put together a list with 12 examples of how businesses can improve their operations and customer service with augmented reality glasses.

1) Sales and Marketing

Augmented marketing and sales are already starting to take off as early adopters take advantage of the benefits it brings.

Imagine your sales reps being able to view real-time sales data, call logs, and tracking information in front of them. This means that all their team members can see the same data, not just their boss.

Navigate their way through any territory with real-time statistics and helpful maps in front of them. They’ll have everything they need without having to ask for it or skim through a pile of reports.

Once the sales rep gets back to the office, all he or she has to do is sync their glasses with their computer and see everything logged in one place.

2) Training & Education

Students can learn and improve in a way that was impossible before. Augmented reality glasses provide teachers with endless options for real-time feedback and instruction.

In the past, it was hard for students to stay focused when learning in a classroom environment. With augmented reality glasses, teachers can use gestures, speech recognition, and audio to guide their students through rapid learning.

They’ll be able to answer questions and call out answers, which means that the student’s attention will be on the lesson at hand rather than their surroundings.

Teachers will also be able to assess the needs of individual students and guide them accordingly with instant feedback.

3) Retail & Service

When it comes to customer service, you really can’t beat augmented reality glasses. Employees using these tools will be able to provide better assistance than ever before.

They’ll be able to interact with customers in real-time and view any available data directly on their lenses.

This is excellent for any customer service rep handling queries or troubleshooting problems in remote locations. They’ll be able to draw on the knowledge of other customer service representatives while they’re on calls, which will make them more effective at their jobs.

Augmented reality glasses allow customer service reps to take the best approach for each situation, whether it’s resolving an issue or providing support. Unlike a computer’s response time, this solution is instantaneous with no lag whatsoever.

4) Construction

Building and maintaining a property is serious business. Any mistake could lead to a safety hazard, increased maintenance costs, or even disaster. To avoid this, companies using augmented reality glasses will be able to manage their assets effectively with minimal human error.

Architects and builders can see the status of their projects through live data streams and instant alerts on their glasses. This includes the location of materials, team members’ locations (via GPS), time-sensitive issues, and more.

They’ll be able to view all this data in real-time and head immediately to the spot where work needs to be done.

The construction crew can also use augmented reality glasses to review and playback any footage they’ve captured, which means they can recount every step of their day when it’s over. This will help them over the long term, making them more productive than ever before.

There are AR apps for just about everything, including AR glasses for construction workers or architects.

5) Machines and Vehicles

The automotive industry is filled with smart machines with the ability to detect and examine any sort of data. However, this technology means that engineers are spending more time collecting information than actually processing it. That’s where augmented reality glasses come in.

Using them, machine technicians can engage with machines without having to memorize commands or bypass any onboard functions. They’ll be able to assess the status of machines remotely, which will help them make quick changes and service requests.

This is even better for vehicles that are on the go. Vehicle technicians won’t have to leave the driver’s seat in order to perform a complete diagnosis and service. They’ll be able to see everything they need right there before their eyes.

6) Warehousing & Logistics

Warehouses and logistics centers are overflowing with all sorts of information but in a truly effective way. But that’s okay because the industry needs to get organized and the competition requires companies to look at what they’re doing.

Let’s say a company is experiencing an increase in sales, which means workers will be spending more time roaming the warehouse than actually working. With augmented reality glasses and their GPS tracking capabilities, warehouse jobs can be assigned more efficiently from anywhere in the facility.

Bosses can conduct market research or even track their employees or monitor the progress of their tasks while they’re on breaks by. All they’ll need is their glasses and an internet connection, which means they’ll be able to manage effectively at a distance.

7) Industrial Manufacturing

There are a lot of moving parts in the manufacturing process, which means it’s crucial to be efficient and make the right decisions at each step of the way.

With augmented reality glasses, manufacturers can monitor their production facilities remotely through live data streams and monitoring. This includes how products are stored, their location within the facility, and even what time they’re expected to arrive.

This information can be used for a number of different things like optimizing workflows or updating customers on their shipments.

8) Field Service

Field service workers can use augmented reality glasses to view a client’s work and gather information about the site without missing a single detail. Field-service technicians can gather up-to-date data about their customers and their products.

They’ll be able to see the condition of equipment, construction projects, or other assets and add notes on them. This is great for field service workers because they’ll be able to take the most effective approach when making repairs or offering advice.

Augmented reality glasses make field-service workers more efficient than they ever thought possible.

9) Healthcare

The medical industry is a lot like construction in that there are a number of moving parts to the process. If surgeons can’t get the right information on their patients, their lives could be ruined at any moment.

That’s why surgeons should use augmented reality glasses to view surgical sites and gather data on tissue and organs without having to move an inch. This will also give them a better picture of what’s happening inside the body and allow them to make more educated decisions.

They’ll be able to enhance their concentration, making them more effective at their jobs.

10) Remote Expert Assistance

Augmented reality glasses are a great option for any kind of remote expert assistance because they give them the ability to access data without having to rely on others.

When walking through a customer’s property and diagnosing the problem, business professionals can quickly pull up the most relevant data without ever having to stop what they’re doing or ask for assistance.

They’ll be able to see live feeds of the problem, identify possible causes, and even guide them through a solution via voice commands.

11) Tourism Industry

Tourism is a huge part of the world economy and is a sector that will be greatly affected by augmented reality technology.

Anyone who runs a tourism-related business can benefit from AR glasses, which allow them to see where attractions are located in real-time and make decisions as needed.

Hotels can have their customers view their available rooms and make changes without ever having to speak to a person. Tour guides can use AR glasses too to show tourists around without ever having to take a break.

12) Gaming Industry

It’s safe to say that gaming is a massive industry and one that’s growing at an exponential rate, thanks in part to the world’s obsession with virtual reality. Imagine  Pokemon Go with glasses!

Augmented reality glasses are great for anyone within the gaming world, especially designers. They can view an environment or even see the results of projects from within 3 dimensions without ever having to leave their desks.

They’ll be able to share their work and make changes immediately, which means they will always have the latest information on hand.


Augmented reality glasses are changing the way we live, work, and play. They’re being used in nearly every industry and have even proven themselves to be beneficial to a number of different tasks.

It’s safe to say that they’re the future of smart technology and it’s not going to be long before most business professionals or civilians will have these glasses on their faces. If you’re looking to get a head start on your competition, contact us today!

AZcreates can help you with web development, e-commerce, augmented reality, and more. Reach out to us today with your budget and the services required.

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